Full Name ::: Andrea Pecora

Nickname ::: Peck , Pek , Pec

Date of birth ::: March 30th

Lives In ::: Como

Favourite Band ::: Death

Influences in music ::: everything that gives me some good feelings

First record bought ::: Iron Maiden “Live after death”

You can bring with you only one album. which one do you choose? ::: I don’t have a favorite album

In your stereo ::: Generally Death-metal and Black-metal

Background (Earlier bands, etc) ::: Lake of Pain, ill weeds grow apace, Bloodcrap, In-Sight

If you were an animal, which one would you like to be? ::: Eagle fly free!

Describe yourself with three words ::: Kind, moody, naive

Favourite books ::: Historical novels

Favourite movie ::: 80/90’s action movies

Your hobbies ::: Do strange noises with the mouth, play musical instruments very bad, sports, martial arts, history, videogames, movies

Philosophy of life ::: Live and to let live

Favourite food ::: Pizzoccheri

Favourite Drink ::: Water

Desired future ::: Serenity for myself and for the people I love