Full Name ::: Jo Raddi

Nickname ::: Mozzo

Date of birth ::: February 16th

Lives In ::: Monza

Favourite Band ::: Megadeth, Anthrax, Pantera and many others… I can’t choose only one

Influences in music ::: Jason Newsted, Cliff Burton, Frank Bello, David Heffelson, Geezer Butler, Glenn Hughes, Mike Porcaro

First record bought ::: Ride the lighting (Metallica)

You can bring with you only one album. which one do you choose? ::: Rust in peace (Megadeth)

In your stereo ::: Everything that rocks!

Background (Earlier bands, etc) ::: Ground control (thrash metal) and also playing with the band White Skull

If you were an animal, which one would you like to be? ::: A bear

Describe yourself with three words ::: A mother fucker

Favourite books ::: Il segno di Attila (Guido Cervo)

Favourite movie ::: Harley Davidson & Marlboro Man

Your hobbies ::: Do nothing

Philosophy of life ::: Live and let die

Favourite food ::: Every kind of meat

Favourite Drink ::: Milk… Hehehe of course BEER

Desired future ::: A better world for my son